Everything you need to know about BACS


Here is a little reminder for all our followers impacted by the French and European legislations regarding energy efficiency in tertiary buildings:

As you may already know, the “BACS Decree” came into force a couple of months ago and it requires the implementation of a building automation and control system (BACS), by January 1, 2025.

This new standard concerns all non-residential tertiary buildings, for which the heating or air conditioning system, whether or not combined with a ventilation system, has a rated power greater than 290Kw.

What are its objectives?

– Track and analyze energy consumption data;
– Adjust in real time the consumption of technical systems according to the needs;
– Alert operating managers of potential consumption drifts, in order to avoid additional costs.

For which technical equipment?

– heating, cooling and ventilation of premises;
– production of domestic hot water;
– integrated lighting;
– building automation and control;
– on-site electricity production of a building.

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