The key to maintaining a competitive edge is to serve clients with agility, speed and custom solutions.

Attracting and retaining clients in systems integration, manufacturing and related services is more challenging than ever. Clients seek providers that are specialists in their fields and can deliver tailored solutions for their specific projects with a clear view of the cost and ROI.

In a fragmented market, more and more players — if they’re aware — are turning to IoT innovations. But…

Even though many Industrial IoT providers have emerged worldwide, the sector is still immature. Half of systems integrators and manufacturers are unfamiliar with the technology. The other 50% who have had exposure to, and are attracted by, Industrial IoT’s highly promising benefits still have difficulty making the leap.

Why is it still difficult to launch and deploy an Industrial IoT solution?

Many devices, connectivity partners and platforms to navigate

High development costs and slow project-delivery time

Inherent risk in sharing innovative technologies

The ideal IoT solution would be easy to design, simple to use, and quick to deploy — with fast results.

To efficiently serve their clients, solution providers need:

  • A 100% customizable solution
  • Operational Independence
  • Ability to adapt and evolve
  • Expert support from conception to use
  • A single reference point for both custom and pre-packaged offers
  • Intuitive user experience (UX) for non-technical users
  • Accelerated time to market

Meet IoThink Solutions and the KHEIRON IoT Suite.

Connecting customers to successful results with an easy-to-use, customizable IoT platform.

We make IoT simple by putting the user experience at the heart of our approach. We offer simple tools adapted to different needs while boosting user creativity. The aim is to accelerate the effective deployment of every connectivity project.

Launch and integrate ready-to-go IoT solutions with no expertise necessary within weeks.

Build your own custom business case with plug-and-play technology and the full support of a team of IoT experts.

Access an intuitive and entirely customizable drag-and-drop dashboard and order your devices via a public library.

Manage connected equipment and spaces; monitor incoming data from home, the office or on the go.

Add new devices — from our public library or elsewhere.

Connect with an expert customer service team and a global network of solution providers.

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