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"The IoThink team immediately understood our needs and provided us with easy-to-access IoT tools and a complete solution in less than three weeks. As a result of this deployment, we are more efficient and have vastly improved the quality, responsiveness as well as cost control of our maintenance services."

Florian Darmande, Assistant to the Regional Director of Infrastructures PACA Region

"In the past, the technician had to wait for the breakdown before intervening and repairing the machine. Today, maintenance can be optimised by using devices connected to the Internet, as is the case with ARECO nebulisers. Thanks to the IoThink Solutions platform, real-time data collection from the devices reduces machine downtime. We have integrated predictive maintenance, which has enabled us to anticipate wear and tear on parts so that they can be replaced well before breakdowns occur."

William D, Customer Service and Support Technician at Areco

"Thanks to IoThink Solutions, we can now offer our customers the opportunity to save time when taking temperature readings in our refrigerated display cabinets. The tool also includes data logging, alerts in the event of breakdowns or thresholds being exceeded, and geolocation of the cabinet. A real management tool for our technical departments and a real time-saver for our customers. At every stage we were able to count on the responsiveness, professionalism and advice of IoThink Solutions. Ultimately, we would define our collaboration in 3 words: innovation, quality and partnership."

Loca Service, Refrigerated display case rental company

"Thanks to IoThink's services, we have been able to offer a flexible interface that adapts to the diverse needs of our customers. It can be customised to control all kinds of parameters, in a very concise way. The platform's ergonomics make it intuitive and easy to use. It was also quick and simple to develop a pleasing design."

Karim, engineer specialising in IoT-Satellites at Hiotee