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KHEIRON provides a customer experience-centered IoT platform to intuitively monitor, control and analyze smart devices, machinery and environments.

Whatever your needs, we deliver with ease and speed. Simply choose your starting point.

Launch and integrate ready-to-go IoT solutions within weeks. No experience necessary.


Build your own custom business case with our global network and full team of in-house experts.

KSP Studio and KSP Web & Mobile:
All the tools and expertise you need for a successful IoT deployment.

Select types of data and solutions needed via an intuitive dashboard.

Order from hundreds of devices through our public library.

Monitor machines or environments remotely on your computer or phone.

Control machines, environments and edge computing solutions with just a click.

Analyze trends and data over time to increase performance or resource efficiency

Request information and assistance from a ready-to-serve team of experts.



KSP Mobile

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