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The smart city is in the spotlight on the Kheiron IoT platform. All essential use cases for smart cities are available on our tool: wastewater, green spaces, parking lots, reservoirs, public lighting, etc.

The ideal tool for your Smart city use cases.

Here is the IoT solution you have been waiting for for your smart city projects. Thanks to our interoperable IoT tool suite : Kheiron, it is now very easy and fast to build a dashboard dedicated to smart cities. Connect all brands of sensors, equipment and machines on our platform via all communication protocols. Then thanks to our integrated studio, develop a use case completely customized to meet your requirements and needs.

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Smart Cities use cases

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Waste water - Smart city

Waste tratment

Tanks - Smart city


Irrigation - Smart city solutions


Vehicle tracking - Smart city solutions

Vehicle & Asset Tracking

Cas pipe - Smart city


Street lights - Smart city


Parking sign - Smart city solutions


Rocket - Smart city solutions

Autres cas

Waste water - Smart city

Wastewater Treatment Plan – Smart city

Applications – Smart city solutions

The connected wastewater treatment plants are able to respond to major territorial and economic issues. Remotely manage your wastewater treatment plant and detect malfunctions in real time.


  • Wastewater treatment plant


  • Real-time status of the plant
  • Remote manual control
  • Fault detection
  • Preventive maintenance
  • On-call management
  • Regulatory records
  • Reporting

Waste treatment plan - Smart city

Example : Waste Treatment Plan

Irrigation - Smart city

Garden Watering – Smart city solutions

Applications – Smart city

Remote management of watering in public gardens, save water and improve public places management.


  • Gardens
  • Public parks
  • Zoos
  • Cities


  • Optimize water consumption
  • Leak detection
  • Coupling with hygrometry, rainfall
  • Irrigation by zones
  • Remote manual control
  • Measurement of consumption
  • Estimated monthly bill

Public garden watering - Smart city solutions

Example : Public Garden Watering

Gas pipe - Smart city solutions

Gas Consumption – Smart city

Applications – Smart city solutions

Remote gas reading enables a global vision of these consumption and to be alerted in real time in case of over-consumption or leaks.


  • Schools, Universities
  • Offices
  • Hospitals, Restaurants
  • Residential homes
  • Property managers
  • Facility managers
  • Maintenance contract managers


  • Remote meter consumption
  • Leak detection
  • Estimated monthly bill
  • Avoid on-site visits
  • Manage legacy meters

Gas consumption - Smart city

Example : Gas Consumption

Parking sign - Smart city


Parking Management – Smart city solutions

Applications – Smart city

Visualization of the occupancy rate, manage parking and offer parking spaces in an underground car park or on public roads.


  • Public car parks
  • Shopping centers
  • Cities
  • Company parkings


  • Parking map
  • Real-time fill rate
  • Availability of cars places in real time
  • Geolocation of places
  • Sharing urban space

Company parking - Smart city solutions

Example : Company Parking

Tanks - Smart city

Tank Monitoring – Smart city

Applications – Smart city solutions

Manage your inventory more efficiently, improve your internal organization and save time for your team of technicians.


  • Operators of different products (oil, fuel, oil, water, sanitation products)
  • Cities


  • Status of legacy tanks
  • Optimization of tours
  • Geolocation of tanks
  • Calculation and prediction of autonomy
  • Volume calculation of tanks
  • Reduce logistical costs
  • Avoid emergency interventions

Water tank monitoring

Example : Water Tank Monitoring

Tracking - Smart city


Vehicle & Asset Tracking – Smart city solutions

Applications – Smart city

Track valuable assets and create new service opportunities. Manage inventory and improve operations with real-time information.


  • Operators
  • Cities
  • Carriers
  • Industrials
  • Farmers


  • Locate assets in real time
  • Geofencing / Alerts
  • Robbery detection
  • Shock detection
  • Logistics optimization
  • Managed inventories
  • Status of legacy assets in real time

Assets tracking - Smart city solutions

Example : Assets Tracking

Street lights - Smart city

Street lightning – Smart city

Applications – Smart city solutions

Monitor efficiently your street lights in your cities and parcs. Detect issues quickly and keep track of light intensity.


  • Cities
  • Parcs
  • Industries


  • Light status
  • Light intensity
  • Geolocation of street lights
  • Alarms if light is off in wrong time
City light state - Smart city solutions

Example : City light state

Other Use Cases Include




hot water



air quality

Can’t find your use case in Smart cities? We have just presented some examples, but we have developed plenty of other use cases for this market. Contact us to discuss about it!

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