Kheiron Studio

Control your IoT project with our revolutionary creative tool.

Create and deploy your unique IoT use case with an easy to use drag-and-drop toolbox. It’s a user-friendly interface, where you can fully customize and quickly launch a very powerful dashboard to gather all your data with the best added value.

Select a decoder in our library or create your customized script !

Create your use case from scratch or with a public template. It’s up to you!

Go further with your data thanks to all the features and functions of our studio

Choose a device in our library or write the script yourself

We have already decoded sensors payload from the main manufacturers in the IoT world, so you can connect them very easily and start to create your dashboard. If you have one which is not, you can ask us to decode it for you or do it by yourself !

If you need to create your own decoders, we have added an online code editor and a debug tool, directly on the platform. You are not limited by our library, you can create your own!

Do we have your sensor decoder ?

Here are some examples of  integrated manufacturers


Earth - IoT solution



users worldwide (from SMBs to large corporations)

Devices - IoT solutions



decoded devices available on our KSP public library

Sector of industry - iot solutions



use cases across all major industries

Create a dashboard yourself with our drag-and-drop toolbox!

Build your use case is now very easy thanks to the Kheiron Studio. There is plenty of items you can add, you can change the design, create complex calculations and gather your data from multiple devices.

Mobile app - Kheiron IoT Platform

Take control on your design
With Kheiron Studio, you can create your dashboard with gauges, charts, synoptics and much more!

Mobile app - Kheiron IoT Platform

Library of public templates
We have created plenty of free to use templates. Almost every kind of use case are available. You just have to try its!

Mobile app - Kheiron IoT Platform

Exploit your data further
It’s a tag based solution to create complex calculations, gather data, trigger events and use powerful functions.

Mobile app - Kheiron IoT Platform

Add new notification alarms
You are no longer limited by your sensor features. You can create new events and set customizable threshold.

Mobile app - Kheiron IoT Platform

Translate in every languages
Your dashboard can be created in any language. Your users will have the correct translation depending of their preferences.

Mobile app - Kheiron IoT Platform

Create with your team
All your team can work together on different projects. Add new members on your environment and let’s go!

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