Device Maker


  • A solution for all devices
  • Public library of use cases
  • To stay focused on expertise
  • Ability to provide proof to customers
  • Save time and costs on software platform development
  • Ability to continuously focus on development of skills and expertise


  • Sticking out in a highly competitive market
  • Offers too dedicated to one vertical or too general
  • Lacking budget, time and expertise to develop a platform
  • Lack of flexibility
  • Difficulty in executing the PoC phase


  • Ability to promote effectiveness and product use
  • Ability to offer complete value chain
  • Quick completion of each phase of deployment


  • Distinct differentiation from competition
  • Ability to effectively attract systems integrators
  • Ability to focus on core business (i.e., sensor improvement, AI, machine learning, etc.)
  • Accelerated Industrial IoT projects
  • Increased sales volume

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