IoThink Solutions and Live Objects by Orange have combined their efforts to allow you to easily connect all your devices.

The IoThink Solutions Kheiron IoT Suite and Live Objects by Orange offer

IoThink Solutions and Orange Live Objects have combined their efforts to offer you the most secure and reliable IoT solution. Both companies have worked hand in hand to present you a complete offer:

our service is fully agnostic and therefore will be able to address the multiplicity of protocols and connectivity networks of the market;
– the solution is able to deal with massive device fleets thanks to the wide number of features and its scalability;
– our platform is quickly interfaceable so the integration through a third-party platform is facilitated.

The Kheiron IoT Suite solution:

IoThink Solutions has developed KHEIRON IoT Suite, the complete suite of IoT tools which includes the following services:

KHEIRON Studio, a fully customizable IoT toolbox that enables you to easily and quickly design many dashboards and create your own private libraries (in addition to our public libraries of devices and use cases). Our design tool can be used for a large variety of markets.

Kheiron Service Platform, a web and mobile (iOS & Android) application to deploy both your use cases and devices, generate alerts and export your reports.

The full package is available in White Label to help you offer new IoT services under your own brand. Thanks to its Plug & Play technology, data can easily be collected, stored and analyzed.KHEIRON IoT Suite is the most efficient IoT solution to boost your creativity in the IoT world.

The Orange Live Objects solution:

Live Objects is a secured and resilient IoT Saas platform localized in France.  It allows developers to integrate seamlessly heterogeneous networks and protocols by providing advanced services for data collection & ingestion and helpful tools to manage and monitor large IoT fleets


Protocol & network agnostic solution:

  • MQTT(S) / Websocket
  • SMS
  • LoRa
  • COAP (beta)
  • Private Lora GW
  • API for external connectors


Ensure Real time message management:

  • Filtering & routing through MQTT FIFO, http Push, Mail, SMS
  • Multi-interface decoders
  • External enricher: 3rd party servers, Cell Id/Wifi geoloc (end 2020)
  • Metadata enrichments: inventory, network, geolocation: Lora Macro, Cellular, Wifi
  • Event/alarm triggering & routing
  • Edge extensions for industrial use cases
  • Data storage, indexing & BI (Kibana)


Manage massive device fleets

  • Hierarchical Group, Tags, Properties, advanced filters
  • Commands/Configuration/Firmware Upgrade
  • Events on device & commands status changes
  • Campaign management
  • Silent devices alarms
  • Audit for crazy/suspect devices
  • Live Objects Sensor: open source Android app for field Technicians
  • Bootstrap (End 2020)

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