New Partnership with Anewtech


We are very honored to benefit from the large experience of Anewtech system in the asian market. Anewtech system is based in Singapore and is specialized in innovative industrial computing solutions for versatile industrial applications.

Who is Anewtech?

Founded in 1999, Anewtech Systems is a leading industrial computing provider specializes in computer integrations and customization services. Anewtech Systems cooperate closely with partners to provide complete solutions for a wide range of applications in diverse industries.

Whats is the main goal of Anewtech?

Anewtech wishes to develop intelligent solutions that facilitate smarter working and living environment.

How the partnership with IoThink Solution can help Anewtech to develop the business?

At the core of Anewtech’s systems and modules, the focus will be on Kheiron IoT software integration and value-added design-in services to accelerate the deployment of IoT applications.

Why did you decide to move forward with IoThink Solutions?

Anewtech is seeking growth outside our core business. We believe partnering with IoThink Solutions will accelerate the deployment of device-to-cloud solutions and expand market opportunities.

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