Yaliss saop dispenser available into Kheiron


A couple of months ago, IoThink Solutions worked on a new and promising #IoTproject along with its partner JVD. We will tell you more about the solution we implemented next week but for now… 🤫

Anyway, this was a great opportunity for our technical teams to integrate one of JVD’s flagship products into our IoT platform, #Kheiron: the #Yaliss automatic soap dispenser. 🧼

Yaliss is an automatic gel (or foam) dispenser from #JVD. It is an excellent hygiene equipment that is compatible with hydroalcoholic solutions and includes an automatic hand detector. 👋
It is very easy to refill and can be used for medical and agrifood settings.
Willing to learn more about our partner? Check out their Smart Cleaning products: https://www.jvd.fr/en/

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