IoThink Solutions in the Radar 2022 of French B2B IoT startups


On the occasion of the SIDO Paris, Wavestone has published the Radar 2022 of French B2B IoT startups which focuses on innovative French IoT startups.

IoThink Solutions is one of the 200 French startups selected for this study

The study is composed of 4 chapters:

  • The presentation of the 2022 radar of French B2B IoT startups,
  • The analysis of B2B IoT startups in France in 2022,
  • The impact of recent crises on the value chain of IoT startups,
  • ROI estimation practices of French startups’ IoT solutions.

The radar reveals the impact of implementing an IoT platform on customers’ business. Startups are consulted to deploy an IoT project and thus enable their customers to improve their financial, operational, environmental and/or security performance:

  • 81% with a logic cost optimization:
    • Cost reduction (reduction of industrial equipment maintenance costs and downtime)
    • New revenues (launch of new service offerings and new products)
  • 65% for operational excellence:
    • Better performance (predictive maintenance)
    • Time savings (predictive maintenance, remote maintenance)
  • 59% with a view to environmental compliance:
    • Reduction of environmental impact (energy efficiency)
  • 19% to secure the data sent back by the IoT:
    • Securing the solution (choice between Saas, On-premise, private cloud & choice of connectivity network)

Discover the full study here [French only] :